Carol St. Leger

For St. Leger, a stylist with over 30 years experience in shops with consistent ‘Top Salon’ ratings, coming back to Howard County is like a homecoming of sorts. Carol who earned the title “Bob Queen” for her revered styling, her meticulous attention to detail and her ‘high end’ but never haughty styling was often noted as the “Go to House Hair Dresser” in many of the salons where she first refined her craft.

She boasts a huge roster of accomplishments and extensive education including Sebastian International Ambassador Apprenticeship, the Graham Webb Academy, Certification in Classic Cutting, Razor and Texture and Advanced Color Technique along with continuing education programs including workshops, salon classes, hair shows and Paul Mitchell Sculpt Styling, Dry Cutting Method, Japanese Straightening and the Copolla Keratin process. Balayage, “Flamboyage”, Ombre, Up Style, and precision cutting are all a part of Carol’s repertoire.

Aside from her vast experience comes the most important aspect which is Carol St. Leger’s credo , “Living for a love of learning”. Her artistic approach and desire to enhance the natural beauty and compliment the lifestyle of each client is paramount to St. Leger. With a consciousness of well being, Carol is a natural with healing touch, aromatherapeadic scalp massage which some have titled her “Signature Sensation”. Whether Carol is sculpting a simple cut, a sun kissed highlight, a texture service or a seamless micro woven ‘baby lights’, her attention to the very best for her client is always her top concern. It is no wonder that her motto is “May your best hair days yet become ‘mongst the very worst you’ll ever come to know”.

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